How To Download Movies From Cuevana?

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Seen and considering that in cuevana have removed the option to download films, or chapters of the series, here bring you an easy and effective trick to be able to overcome this problem.
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1 Enter the page and choose the movie or chapter that you want to download

2. Once appear servers and do right click on the megaupload open it in a tab or new window.

3. Appear again the three servers, now they do click on megaupload, will begin it to load the movie.

[color = blue] 4. Go to the address bar, it will say the following (an example): [/ color] [color = darkblue] [/ color]

5. Take the link from the second "http" to the first "&" that is to say:

6. They copy and stick it in a new tab.

7 Site megaupload where the file is loaded will appear. les.

8. Then follow the steps provided to download from megaupload.

Thank you for helping Eliana